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Alfa Folder Locker 1.0

Locks files and folders with a password
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Stops others from accessing, editing, deleting, or copying your sensitive files by password-protecting them. There's no master password, so each locked item will have its own, individual, security key.

If you happen to need limit access to any of your folders, Alfa Folder Locker is a simple, free, and effective solution that secures with a password any folder and its subfolders in a snap. This will prevent unwanted hands from opening, moving, copying, and deleting your most sensitive documents.

The program’s interface is as simple and straightforward as the functionality it provides. Its design, however, could be easily improved - the three different screens it provides are so similar that it is sometimes difficult to understand where you are in the program. The locking process is very simple – locate the folder or subfolder you want to lock, type a password of your choice to protect it, and lock it. The unlocking process is as simple as the aforementioned one – select the protected folder or subfolder and type in the password you used to lock it. The program’s functionality integrates with Windows context menu, so that all you have to do to lock or unlock a folder is right-clicking on it.

You can lock an unlimited number of folders using this tool and use either the same password for all of them or a different password each time. Locked folders remain locked forever, even if you upgrade your Windows OS to a newer version, so I advise you not to forget your passwords.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Simple and clear interface
  • Integrates with Windows context menu
  • Straightforward functionality


  • Dull interface
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